A Little Note To People of Faith

First let me make it clear I make absolutely no claim to Christian leadership, prophecy or Theological teaching authority of any kind or to any degree except to tell you that God certainly exists. I have no inside or special revelation of any kind to impart or preach to anyone. I am not better than anyone else. I direct you to your Pastor for theological advice. I am simply a normal human being just like you and make no claim to be any kind of special being except that I am most highly privileged to have been Given a very difficult job assignment and I know Who gave it to me. We all know that this world is a place of testing where we use our free will to make all kinds of decisions and that when we leave this earth we are each going to be Judged and all of our decisions are going to be scrutinized by the Lord with respect to how well we have lived out the Gospel. We know the mistaken decisions we make that are against the Lord's Spirit of Charity are very much to be avoided. The nature of all tests in general is that there are big tests and little tests. People who pass the little tests are given an opportunity to shine on the big tests. This mareislandmurder web site is a test for you and as to whether or not it is a big or little test for you only you can tell. But it is a Test with Real Consequences and let there be no doubt about that.

Let me leave you with a hypothetical scenario for you to consider for the moment. Suppose a very great crime had been committed and this crime was so very great the Lord Himself decided to make good come out of it. What would He do? He would have to create a person for the job of exposing this crime, prepare this person for the job and give him just the right family, prepare a proper education for this person and direct and guide the life of this person to be in a position to become in a state of knowledge concerning this crime and then to expose it. His Purpose for doing this could be to make an example of His Justice on this earth. It could also be to provide a good Test opportunity to everyone else who comes into a state of knowledge concerning this crime. I have often wondered which of these it is and I suppose that one is as good as the other and that it could be a little bit of both. Only time will tell which it is and I hope I am allowed to live long enough to see which it is or if it is made up of both..

Saint Paul makes it clear that life on this earth is a race that we must run until the end. For me, the mass poisoning that took place at Mare Island Naval Shipyard is my race track and it is impossible for me to not run on this track because my future that will last forever depends upon it. For you, and for now, it is an opportunity to make the best possible good decision. You can choose to just exit this web page and to do nothing or you can choose to do something to make it known to others. In any event, whatever you decide, I can tell you without the slightest particle of doubt of ever being contradicted that your decision is one that will be a subject of discussion between you and the Lord when your day of Judgment comes.

I will expand on this web site and provide more detail if I am lucky enough to see my death coming. In the meanwhile let me leave you with one thought. With what I know, and I do mean Know I would not put myself into the position of any person having any; and even the least possible part in the mass poisoning that took place at Mare Island and which is now taking place at other Navy shipyards throughout the United States, or the cover up, and the denial of justice to the victims, for all the gold, riches, jewels, treasure, power or anything else of value in this entire universe. It just wouldn't be worth it. My plan is simply to carry on with this race and this web site until the hour of my death and to leave a few buck behind to keep this site up for a lot longer than many expect..

I can only say that I have no anger at the loss of my health from the poisoning and all the suffering that has come of it. I don't even count it as a loss of any kind but rather look at it as a great privilege to serve you and the Lord under such adverse circumstances. My feelings are only compassion for the others who have been secretly victimized; and complete, total and abject pity for everyone who has had even the least particle of a part in the poisoning, the cover up, and the denial of justice to the victims. What kind of Mercy can they expect to receive when the day comes when they need it most?

Let me leave you with some historical facts to consider that you are probably not aware of. In the time of the Roman Emperor Augustus he commissioned the great roman poet Livy to write a comprehensive History of Rome. He did this so that Livy would create a history that would conclude that the force of history itself (otherwise known as the will of the gods) was in favor of Augustus becoming Emperor. This work is largely intact, is still in publication, has been translated into English, and you can find it easily on the Internet. Jesus Christ was Crucified in the time of and under the authority of the Emperor Tiberius who was the successor to Augustus. Under orders from Tiberius, Livy kept writing his history during the time of Tiberius. If you read this entire work, and it will take you some months to do it, you will find out two things. The first is that the entire History is about roman big shots or only very important people with one exception. The second is that this exception is this statement, "Jesus Christ was crucified because he was a common criminal". You are invited to contemplate of just how monumental the events surrounding the crucifixion of this "common criminal" must have been to force the Emperor of Rome to order his Public Relations Minister (Livy) to publish this statement on billboards in the City of Rome. Livy's "History of Rome" was serialized and posted publicly in prominent places throughout Rome as it was published. Livy also makes it clear that the History is being proof read by Tiberius himself.

To Be Continued. Thank you for reading.