Navy Truth

The top Navy lie is that it is a a well protected safe place to work. The U.S. Navy is a murderer of innocent employees with chemical poison. The Navy cheats, lies, destroys documents, commits perjury and does everything it can to deny injured employees their rights under federal law. This is just plain nonsense. The Navy promotes its "Core Values". If the Navy has any core values they are the values of the BIG LIE. The Navy spends a lot of money on you to convince you it is a good employer. The way things really work in the Navy is if they make you sick for life as the result of a chemical poison they do not tell you about it, they just discharge you and leave you to fend for yourself without knowing what they did to ruin your health. If you want to see the real face of the U.S. Navy and how it deliberately and secretly poisons its employees and sets them up to suffer cancer and other physical injuries you can visit this web site:

The Navy Toxic Chrome-6 Web Site