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The U.S. Navy Committed Perjury to Cover Up the Mass Poisoning of Engineers

If you are an engineer thinking of joining or becoming employed by the U.S. Navy you need to take careful account of the very serious risks to your health that can be involved in this decision that the Navy will not tell you about. You need to know about this risk before you make a final decision. The U.S. Navy will secretly expose you to dangerous chemicals known to cause delayed cancer at levels of exposure known to be harmful and that will permanently damage your health and will not tell you about this. No matter how much money is involved or good promisies, you need to ask yourself if dying of cancer 20 years from now, or having your health permanently ruined is a good bargain to make with an employer that has a track history of damaging innocent people and then abandoning them. You can choose to believe the Navy hype, nonsense and phony advertising propaganda if you like. And if you want to believe the U.S. Navy "Core Values" or "We Take Care of Our Own" stuff and nonsense that's fine. But before you make up your mind you should become educated about how the U.S. Navy can permanently ruin you and then walk away from you, leaving you with no ability to make a claim.

The U.S. Navy is willing to commit Perjury In Writing to avoid having to take responsibility for its victims. If you think somehow that you're special and this could not possibly happen to you then you are wrong and you can find out what happened to a building full of every kind of engineer employed by the U.S. Navy by using this link:

The U.S. Navy Comitted Perjury in Writing