The U.S. Navy poisoned employees at their Shipyards with massive amounts of the extremely toxic, carcinogenic and genetic poison chromic acid for decades. Up to the present time they have refused to take responsibility for all the injuries and murders this has caused. If you'd like to read more about it just use this link:

U.S. Navy Chromic Acid Murder At Mare Island Naval Shipyard

The proposition of the U.S. Navy handing out environmental awards to itself is preposterous beyond belief. The true environmental record of the U.S. Navy is one of murder, maiming and crippling of innocent victims carried out in ruthlessly maintained secrecy for over 80 years at Mare Island Naval Shipyard and doubtless many other locations. Up to today the murderer U.S. Navy has not yet deigned to inform its victims of what was done to them. It continues to do everything in its power to deny victims their basic legal rights. It knows time is on its side. If it waits long enough to do nothing all of its victims will die and the problem will be solved.

Until the Navy decides to own up to its responsibilities the handing out of self administered internally generated environmental awards is a total sham worthless exercise in publicized self congratulation carried out by blood soaked hands for the purpose of window dressing to disguise the real vicious face of the murderer U.S. Navy. This also applies to the completely phony and well funded U.S. Navy Core Values Program.

The fact of life is that the United States must have a modern and effective navy and this costs a tremendous amount of money. The U.S. Navy has engaged in a corrupt bargain of economy where the health of innocent victims is secretly sacrificed, where this can be done, so that money that should have been spent on personal protection and proper environmental disposal can be saved and diverted to other purposes. The U.S. Navy continues to keep itself up to date using dangerous chemicals and chemical products that are handled without proper safeguards. These chemical products are extremely destructive to the health of human beings who are unknowingly exposed to them at unsafe levels regularly.

When I visited the California EPA Office and examined the Mare Island file I found a letter from the Shipyard Commander to the Head of the California EPA. This letter announced that because of budget constraints it would not be possible for the Navy to make good on every environmental improvement project it had promised to execute during the past fiscal year. Then, looking deeper into the file I found an entire stack of these letters, each identical, going back for the past 10 years. There's no doubt in my mind that every State that has a Navy base and an EPA office also has a stack of these letters, and perhaps one more.

There was one other letter of importance. This was a letter from the Head of the California EPA to the Shipyard Commander. It stated that because of levels of Hexavalent Chromium and Cyanide were present in normal Mare Island Shipyard sewage exceeding the Federal limit for hazardous waste it would be necessary for the Shipyard Commander to inform the California EPA of the date by which it intended to reduce the levels of Hexavalent Chromium and Cyanide to below the State of California levels for these toxic substances or the date by which Mare Island intended to convert its entire sewage system to meet the design requirements for a Federal hazardous waste pipeline.

The purpose of this page is to direct you to the following web site that demonstrates U.S. Navy Environmental Awards are nothing more than a well planned and executed confidence swindle production designed to inculcate the false belief that the U.S. Navy is a good environmental steward when it is the exact opposite. If you would like to see the facts for yourself please take a few minutes to see the true murderous environmental face of the U.S. Navy by visiting the Mare Island Murder web site using the link at the top of this page.

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